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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is an entity where the members holding the super benefits can manage it themselves. The underlying structure of a SMSF is a trust, like a family trust, where the benefits are held and controlled by trustees for the benefit of their beneficiaries, or in this context, the members.

A SMSF is governed by general trust law with both superannuation and tax legislation overlaying it. A trust deed and trustees are required to provide the governing rules for the super fund. The members are generally the same as the trustees, which provides a better alignment of interests when investing their super benefits.

Prior to setting up a SMSF, it is important to determine if the structure is right for you. There are many requirements to ensure the super fund is compliant, and the decision should be carefully considered. Getting professional advice is recommended.

There are a few steps to setting up a SMSF. It requires trustees to be appointed, a deed prepared, membership applications made and approved, and other compliance documentation.

The trustees will need to ensure they are eligible for the position and complete a declaration acknowledging their key roles and responsibilities.

Once the trust deed has been executed, an ABN and TFN for the super fund will need to be applied for, as well as a request to be a regulated super fund with the ATO.

And after that, a bank account for the super fund will need to be established. This will be the working account for the super fund and will need to be correctly set up in the name of the SMSF trustees.

An investment strategy will also need to be drawn up to provide guidance on the key investment objectives for the super fund.

While there are a few steps to set up an SMSF, the team at NumberSuper can help you at every stage.

There is no set minimum amount of money required to set up a self-managed super fund.

However, ASIC has provided guidance on this recently. A minimum starting balance of at least $250,000 will be cost-effective to have a self-managed super fund. ASIC provides that on average, SMSFs with balances of below $500,000 have lower returns after expenses and tax when compared to other APRA-regulated funds.

Seeking professional personal advice on the suitability of a self-managed super fund is recommended.

Unfortunately, the SMSF setup costs are not considered tax-deductible. Although many of the setup processes are similar to that of starting a business, the revenue earned from access to a superannuation fund is not considered the same. For this reason, the ATO does not allow SMSF setup costs to be immediately deductible in the SMSF.

The trustees/members requesting the setup of an SMSF will need to pay the costs.

If a company is established to be the corporate trustee for the SMSF, the costs of this establishment is usually an additional cost to the setup of the SMSF.

The time frame for the process of setting up a SMSF and fully functioning and able to accept contributions or rollovers varies.

The initial establishment documents such as the trust deed, trustee declarations, member applications, and establishment of a corporate trustee if required) can be done in a few days.

Once the structure is established an application to the Australian Business Register (ABR) for an Australian Business Number (ABN), and Tax File Number (TFN) for the SMSF needs to be obtained. This can take up to 28 days, at the most.

A bank account for the SMSF will need to be established, and the time frame will vary depending on the banking institution used.

Once a bank account is opened, a contribution can be made to the SMSF. However, if there is a rollover of super benefits instead, the super fund releasing the benefits have up to 30 days to
release the money.

The team at NumberSuper can arrange the paperwork required and guide you every step of the way.

Two of the key advantages of having a self-managed super fund are flexibility and control.

The element of control relates to:

  • The trustees, who make the decisions for the SMSF;
  • The members within the SMSF, who is benefiting from the trustee's decisions
  • The investments that are chosen, both type and amount; and
  • The visibility of the SMSF as a whole.

The flexibility is surrounding:

  • The types of investments;
  • The ability to combine super benefits whilst maintaining individual members balances;
  • The ability to have multiple member accounts running within a single entity, and
  • Having up to 6 members within the SMSF

The cons for having a self-managed super fund are:

  • It can be time-consuming;
  • All decisions and responsibilities fall on the SMSF trustees;
  • Administrative requirements are onerous; and
  • Keeping up with legislative requirements

Cryptocurrency can be invested within an SMSF. However, the investment will need to be allowable under the SMSF's Trust Deed, be in accordance with the Investment Strategy for the SMSF and comply with the SISA and SISR investment requirements.

SMSF legislation requires that there be clear ownership of fund assets, and that they be held and managed separately from any non-SMSF assets. In practice, this means that the SMSF will require a separate cryptocurrency wallet or trading account that is clearly identifiable as belonging to the SMSF.

As above, this is something trustees will need to consider when selecting a cryptocurrency trading platform, as they are not all compliant with this requirement.

Following the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2013, there has been further guidance on owning such investments within a self-managed super fund. The ATO has issued two tax determinations that clarify the underlying investment type of cryptocurrencies are capital gains tax (CGT) assets rather than cash or cash equivalents.

Therefore, trustees should also be aware of the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies when they are bought and sold.

Cryptocurrency transactions and balances are required to be valued in accordance with the existing ATO valuation guidelines. This means trustees will generally need to refer to the AUD fair market value of these cryptocurrencies as quoted by a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Closing a SMSF or winding up' requires all assets of the super fund to be liquidated and benefits paid out or rolled over into another super fund account, depending on your personal circumstances.

A final reconciliation and set of financial statements, tax return, and independent audit are required, and the final tax return is to be lodged with the ATO and any final tax liabilities settled.

If the SMSF is not properly closed or wound up, it is possible that the fund will remain open, which may lead to additional payments for required financial statements, fund audits and lodgement of annual returns.

NumberSuper are experienced in SMSF windups and will ensure your SMSF is wound up correctly and meets all ATO requirements.

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Client Testimonials

Welcome to Number Super
Your Trusted Partner for Self Managed Super Funds

Discover financial freedom with Number Super, Australia’s boutique firm specialising in bespoke Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) services. Whether you’re at the inception of setting up an SMSF or seeking a reliable partner to efficiently manage an existing one, we’re here to empower you with unrivalled confidence and control over your super.

Who We Are Understanding Number Super’s Mission and Values

At Number Super, we’re driven by the mission to help you build financial independence. We stand by the belief that every individual’s super requirements are unique, and our values are deeply rooted in providing tailored SMSF services, including setup and management that meet your specific needs. Trust us to deliver peace of mind knowing your super is secure and well-managed.

Comprehensive SMSF Services Our Expertise and Offerings

Our services extend across all aspects of SMSF, from setup to management. We’re proud of our ability to provide the cheapest SMSF setup in Australia without compromising quality. Our services range from setting up a traditional SMSF, guiding you through a SMSF corporate trustee setup, to providing a comprehensive SMSF setup checklist to ensure every detail is meticulously managed.

Navigating SMSF An Introduction to Self-Managed Super Funds

The journey towards financial freedom begins with understanding SMSFs. Our educational resources unravel the intricacies of SMSFs, explaining their benefits and how it can be tailored to meet your needs. From understanding the process of SMSF setup, to the costs and considerations involved, our guides are designed to simplify the journey.

Benefits of SMSF Freedom, Flexibility, and Control

One of the key advantages of SMSFs is the unparalleled control it offers over your investments. SMSFs offer investment flexibility, allowing you to invest in a wide range of assets. It also allows for effective tax planning strategies that can enhance your super’s growth. Lastly, SMSFs can provide a level of insurance coverage tailored to your needs.

SMSF Investment Strategies Maximising Your Super

At Number Super, we offer personalised advice on potential investment strategies for your SMSF. Whether it’s investing in direct shares, property, or managed funds, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your super aligns with your financial goals.

The SMSF Setup Process Simplified with Number Super

At Number Super, we believe that setting up an SMSF should be hassle-free. Our services are available online, guiding you through each step of the setup process, from understanding the associated costs to handling all the necessary paperwork and regulatory requirements.

Super Fund Management Ensuring Your Investment Grows

Effective management is crucial to ensure your super fund grows and adapts according to market trends. At Number Super, we handle everything from performance tracking to updating investment strategies, ensuring your SMSF is always aligned with your financial goals.

Compliant and Reliable Prioritizing Regulatory Compliance

Number Super’s compliance-first approach ensures that your super is managed within the legal framework. We stay updated with SMSF regulatory changes and ensure your fund meets all Australian standards.

Empowerment Through Education Expanding Your Super Fund Knowledge

We believe in empowering our clients through knowledge. We offer extensive resources on everything from the benefits of an SMSF, the setup process, managing your super, to understanding the regulations and implications of different investment strategies.

Case Studies Success Stories from Number Super Clients

We’ve guided numerous Australians to financial freedom with our tailored SMSF services. Our case studies showcase clients who have reached their financial goals through our expert SMSF setup and management services.

Our Team The Experts Behind Number Super

Number Super is powered by a team of experienced and dedicated SMSF professionals. Our team’s expertise guarantees that your super is effectively managed, providing a balance of growth and security. With a deep understanding of SMSF setup processes, regulatory compliance, and strategic fund management, our team is your biggest ally on your journey to financial freedom.

Investment Strategies for Your SMSF
Diversify and Grow

A major benefit of SMSFs is the flexibility they offer in terms of investments. With Number Super, you can explore a range of investment options to diversify your super and optimize its growth.

  1. Direct Shares: Invest in shares of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and international markets. Owning shares can potentially offer high returns, although they come with a degree of risk.
  2. Property: SMSFs can invest in commercial or residential real estate. Property investment can provide steady income through rent and potential capital growth over time.
  3. Cash and Fixed Interest: These are relatively safe investments, offering steady, albeit low returns. They are an excellent option for risk-averse investors.
  4. Managed Funds: A convenient way to invest across a diverse range of assets, managed funds pool your money with other investors.
  5. Alternative Investments: From commodities and hedge funds to artwork and collectibles, alternative investments can add diversity to your SMSF. However, they often come with higher risks and should be chosen with caution.

Number Super will guide you in understanding each investment type, helping you make informed decisions tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Understanding Risks and Challenges in SMSF Management

While SMSFs offer significant benefits, they come with their share of risks and challenges, and it’s essential to be aware of these as you embark on your SMSF journey.

  1. Investment Risk: Like all investments, those within your SMSF can fluctuate in value. Diversifying your investments can help manage this risk.
  2. Regulatory Risk: SMSFs are subject to regulations from the Australian Tax Office. Non-compliance can result in heavy penalties.
  3. Liquidity Risk: You must ensure your SMSF has enough liquidity to pay for its liabilities, including tax and member benefits, as they fall due.
  4. Personal Responsibility: As an SMSF trustee, you carry the responsibility for the fund’s management, which can be time-consuming and complex.

Number Super helps mitigate these risks by providing expert SMSF setup and management services, keeping you compliant and ensuring your fund is appropriately diversified.

Unparalleled Support in SMSF Management with Number Super

Managing your own super fund can be complex and challenging, but with Number Super, you’re not alone. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, offering expert advice and support in setting up and managing your SMSF. From navigating through SMSF setup process to understanding and mitigating risks, we stand by you, ensuring your journey to financial freedom is smooth and successful.

Educational Resources Knowledge is Power

At Number Super, we believe that an informed investor is a successful investor. Our comprehensive educational resources equip you with a deep understanding of SMSF setup process, the different types of investments available to you, the associated risks, and how to manage them. We also provide updates on the latest trends and strategies in the SMSF sector, empowering you to make informed decisions about your super.

Why Choose Number Super?

Choosing the right partner for your SMSF journey is crucial, and at Number Super, we strive to be that partner. Our expertise lies in providing tailored, affordable SMSF services without compromising on quality. We’re dedicated to helping you build financial independence through our comprehensive SMSF setup and management services, providing you with the confidence and control you need over your super.

Now is the time to take control of your super and shape your future. Embark on your journey to financial freedom with Number Super today.

Client Testimonials Hear Directly from Our Satisfied Customers

Hearing from our clients is what drives us. Their satisfaction and financial success stories stand testament to the reliability and efficiency of our SMSF setup and management services. You can view our client testimonials on our home page!

Frequently Asked Questions Get Answers to Your SMSF Queries

Do you have questions about setting up an SMSF or about SMSF setup costs? Our FAQ section provides clear and concise answers to a wide range of common queries. From understanding how to setup a SMSF online to demystifying SMSF setup fees, we aim to provide clarity and confidence in your SMSF journey.

Getting Started with Number Super Begin Your SMSF Journey Today

Are you ready to take the first step towards financial freedom? With Number Super, setting up an SMSF in Australia is a transparent and streamlined process. Let us simplify your SMSF setup and management, helping you pave the way towards a secure financial future. Embark on your SMSF journey with Number Super today.

Keeping You Updated Latest News and Updates from the SMSF Sector

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest news and updates from the SMSF sector. We provide timely updates about changes in regulations, insights into market trends, and practical strategies to optimise your super’s performance.

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